The Young Vic’s “Macbeth” – a Review

It has been a while… a very long while … since I posted last. I have been swept up in school work. university applications and also part-time work. I have had no time, and if I did have time I would most likely be asleep or watching Friday Night Lights. I am not ashamed.

Anyway, last night, my English Literature friends and I went to go see the Young Vic’s production of Macbeth. It is safe to say that it was very, very interesting. 

This production, directed by Carrie Cracknell and Lucy Guerin, psychologically engulfs the audience and transports them into a world of mystery, distortion and emotion. The set itself was mind bending and it was perfectly accompanied by the repetitive nature of the dance sequences which sent the audience into a world of hypnosis. The Witches, who were more freaky than horrifying, used these movements to display their control over the characters in Macbeth which, I believe, perfectly represents the supernatural element of the play and also the infinite power that they have.

Lady Macbeth and Macbeth himself displayed a passion that was perfectly poured from the pages of the script and acted out of stage. There was a physicality to this love that mimicked their physicality for power as they went on their murderous spree.

This play for me focused mainly on the insanity that developed through the play  and the music and lighting brought the audience into the story because not only were Macbeth’s thoughts and perspectives distorted but ours were also. This production of Macbeth was extremely entrancing and superbly interesting regardless of whether it missed out certain parts of the play (eg. The Porter, Donaldbain). Some of my friends believed that it was not an accurate representation of Macbeth but it got them talking and they left the theatre with it turning over in their minds. To be honest, I think that is what truly counts.

It is on for another three days in London’s Young Vic theatre and I highly recommend you watch it; you won’t see anything else like it.

The trailer:



Love, Torture and Baudelaire

 Hello you lovely people,
Today I thought I’d discuss a line from a poem by Charles Baudelaire which came up today in my English literature lesson and it seems so controversial and brilliant. 

“‘There is a striking resemblance between the act of love and the ministrations of a torturer'” – Charles Baudelaire

My first response obviously questioned how on earth can love, the beautiful and powerhouse emotion of mankind, be paired with the cruel and painful acts of a torturer? 

But then, with a further dip into the pool of controversy, I found that I agree. Love is slow; it starts as a small passionate touch and then develops into something of which disembodies you and makes you reach the point of inability to control yourself and how you feel. When in love, that is all you can think of, it becomes not just a physical response (like a finger getting chopped off, duh) but develops into a mental connection. 

Moreover, through torture you get information, pleasure or maybe even the ability to inflict an emotion (sadness, fear etc). Through love you learn about someone, get pleasure from sexual and emotional connections and also your mood does indeed change. Your lover can, in fact, inflict negative and positive emotions during your relationship. 

So maybe what Baudelaire is saying, however extravagant or shocking it may firstly appear to be, that love is a powerful force. And, most importantly, can inflict more pain than one could ever imagine. 

So queue my explanation as to why I have a picture of a rainbow on my post about torture… 

Well I took it today while I was contemplating life. Once love became about torture, I really did start to think that things are not what they seem at first; there are always two sides to every story. So love is beautiful and great, but it can also be painful and deteriorating for oneself. This I believed was like the rainbow I photographed today, rain and sun combine to make something colourful and awesome. 

So like rain and sun makes a rainbow, does love and pain create a beautiful emotional connection between lovers? So maybe the bad and the good combine to make something better…

Feel free to comment your ideas below! I’m just brainstorming and babbling… And probably not making sense…

But I would love to hear what you guys think about what Monsieur Baudelaire said, it is too intriguing to pass by. 

Lots of love,

Tyler x

I like to think of myself as fashionable… I am sadly mistaken.

Hello lovely people,

Well I am currently sitting in bed… no it is not 6:00 pm… and trying to do an essay. So you know what I decided to do? Put on my finest Primani fluffy PJs.  If some of you are unaware that means Primark. If you still do not know, then just think cheap, shit items of clothing that you will wear with pride (in the space of your own home).

These are the fluffiest, comfiest and most embarrassing things I have. So no judging is allowed.

*judging forcefield*

*can’t hear you over my fluffy happiness*.

So today I had two matches of netball and we lost one and won one. And, by the way, the one where we won was the one I played a shooter… just saying.

I had a chemistry lesson with a man I would gladly slaughter, so my resting bitch face was on point.

Moreover, a boy a year below me has decided to spread a rumour that I made out with him on the weekend at a party. Might I add, it was not like that at all, he launched at my face and my friend had to pry him off me. So no, little boy, I did not make out with you no matter what your dreams may tell you. Okay, a bit harsh, but still how frustrating. And also paedophilia is not my thing. I am also friends with his sister, so awkward.

So as I sit here in bed procrastinating and wondering whether to pop open a bottle of prosecco (it is England, we all drink here, I am allowed) while sitting in bliss in my wonderfully ugly fluffy bottoms.

Call me Bridget Jones, I do not care. Me, my granny knickers, alcohol and fluffy joggers cannot hear you over all the shits I don’t give.

Ooh I am aggressive today. I love it.

May post later, but it all depends on whether netflix misses me too much.


Tyler x

Little Bit of Motivation

So times have been tough, but this morning I woke up with a new attitude. Whether it’s been the fact that I’ve gained support on here also, which means the world to me. Or even that I can’t wait to get in my warm shower (it’s so freezing!). 

Either way, today is a new day and I’m going to make the most of it.

 And I think all of you should too. 

Tyler x

Makeup and Me

Come stare at my face strangers.  I look quite hideous in this but the other day I was soooooo proud of my eye makeup. I used an eye palette by Makeup Revolution (which is not too expensive at all!). I made sure my lines were defined by using cellotape and then lined it further with concealer to give it an edge. 
I might do some more on makeup… I do it bloody enough anyway! 

Thought I would share my attempts…

Tyler x

My Story as a Sexual Violence Victim

So it has been a while. It is safe to say I have been through a lot these past few weeks. I had my birthday, met up with my ex-boyfriend, started Zumba again… But the one thing that has really happened to me was my trip to France with my best friend. While I was there some bad stuff happened, it is so hard to say and so hard to express how I feel about it. However I will cut it short. On our last night out there me and my friend got into an argument while at a bar, we had drunk a couple of drinks to celebrate the ending of our holiday, but we argued and it resulted in her going back to the chalet and leaving me behind at a bar. I thought it was okay as, after all, we were staying on a family campsite. I hung out with some of the staff of the campsite, they were all relatively young and were all friendly. There was a man there who I had seen with children and he was very friendly. He offered to walk me home and on the way home he forced himself on me. I had no desire to have sex with him but he still did it anyway. I was powerless and alone.

After he was done he left me, my friend was worried after not hearing from me for a while and ran out of the chalet to try find me. She found me alone in the dark crying my eyes out. This man, if you can even call him that, raped me and left me. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined this happening to me. I assume he drugged he as I was pretty messed up that night. But then I got on a flight back home and my family supported me and the police have been involved ever since. I had to be stripped naked and tested by the police for evidence. Whatever confidence and dignity I had so little of left, was gone. No-one knew whether I was pregnant or picked up any diseases etc. It was just a game of waiting, and that game is the hardest game to play.

This is so hard to talk about, it has been just over a month and I am still pretty rough. People always say this type of assault is awful, before I had thought it was terrible but never really happened. But here I am having to undergo serious counselling and I do not like going anywhere alone. This is the hardest time of my life and I have no idea where to turn. So I am turning to my blog. I know not many people will read this. Some may feel like I am pathetic and some people will pity me. But this is not for those judgemental people, this is for me and also other people who have gone through/ going through what I am having to go through now.

Times like this are truly hard. I carry around an alarm with me to feel safer and I also am looking for self-defense classes. I never ever had imagined myself in this position and to be honest I should not have had to expect this; I was just very unfortunate. I am learning how to trust again, but as you can imagine it is very hard.

If anything has happened to anyone of this sort feel free to message me, or just simply find help yourself. I am obviously not okay at the moment, but I have a great network of people supporting me and it really does make a difference.

I am going to try to post some more,

Speak soon,

Tyler x

Running with Culinary Tools 101

Tired. I love the feeling after you’ve finished a run. But why do I have to be so tired?  I am nearly 100% sure I am meant to hibernate… all year round.

And why, oh WHY do women have to have periods? Like, real talk, I feel like my insides are being grated. I am feeling v. sorry for myself today. I have ice cream but nothing could soothe this pain. I am currently crossed between a fire-breathing librarian and a musical singing mouse, that is how emotional I am.

Love you lots,

Tyler x

Push my buttons and I’ll push you off a bridge – Karen Quan

Screw You Elsa. Just Let it Go.

Back home from a horrible day at work… Do I cry? Shout? Stuff my face? God knows. I am just frozen. I sat in the cold 5 hours today and my least favourite movie is officially Frozen. Why would anyone want to be reminded of the cold? Disgusting.

Went for a run today, so I think it deserves a ‘Hell yeah’ *air punch*. I am mentally preparing myself for pain tomorrow.

I am currently eating ice cream… I know I just said I am cold but my inner fat kid has no boundaries… and I have got to give a shout out to maltesers. You make me a better person.

So not much happened today which is why I won’t shut up.

I took my great grandma to the garden centre today, had a coffee while we chatted. She is so frail now which makes me sad. But god she is FEISTY.

So I think it is my time to stop babbling,

Starting to get hyper now from this amount of sugar,

Lots of love,

Tyler x

The cold never bothered me anyway – said no one EVER

Literature, love and loneliness…

So I have started reading The Time Traveller’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger and I am loving it so far. So ready for bed yet so wanting to read more! I can feel tears brewing. Not only because of the sad bits but also because I AM SO LONELY. *cries softly into fluffy blanket*.

Worked out a bit today using my workout app, but I really want to get back into running again. Healthy eating is all fun until you reach a standstill with your weight.

Talking absolute nonsense but to be honest, when do I ever speak sense?

Ooh also at the pool today saw a good-looking boy… note the term BOY. Forgot momentarily how old I was until I asked his age and he said 14. Awkward moment when:

  1. Pedophilia becomes an issue
  2. He is the same age as your younger cousin.
  3. You realise how much you need to get laid / go on a date

So my life is confusing, frustrating, lonely and filled with great literature.

Lots of love,

Tyler x

You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me – C.S. Lewis