Pina Colada in hand, thoughts in head

Tonight me and my best friend (who is a girl) planned to go on a little romantic friendship date. However she called it off as she had work early the next morning. So now I am in bed with a pina colada in my hand thinking about why exactly it had been called a ‘date’. Which made me question why on earth I had been so excited about this date in the first place. Was it because me and my best friend would have nice food and get a bit too drunk? Probably. But it also made me think that maybe I was so excited because I called it a date! Why in the world was I so let down by something that was not going to be real? It was not like I would get there and I would be seated across from some greek god! Am I really so desperate for love in my own head that I put myself in that position? I planned what to wear, my make up etc.

How have I let myself get to the point where I crave male attention? Why, even worse, most of the women I know crave it also.

We push girl power and not needing a man… Well I thought I did and then I go and get worked up about a dinner between me and my best friend. I am so confused. Maybe it is time to look for some male attention, but I sure hope it is the good kind. Perhaps I need to love myself a bit more. Oh I don’t know anymore. Just a thought.

Lots of love,

Tyler x

I don’t know why women want any of the things men have when one of the things that women have is men – Coco Chanel


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