Screw You Elsa. Just Let it Go.

Back home from a horrible day at work… Do I cry? Shout? Stuff my face? God knows. I am just frozen. I sat in the cold 5 hours today and my least favourite movie is officially Frozen. Why would anyone want to be reminded of the cold? Disgusting.

Went for a run today, so I think it deserves a ‘Hell yeah’ *air punch*. I am mentally preparing myself for pain tomorrow.

I am currently eating ice cream… I know I just said I am cold but my inner fat kid has no boundaries… and I have got to give a shout out to maltesers. You make me a better person.

So not much happened today which is why I won’t shut up.

I took my great grandma to the garden centre today, had a coffee while we chatted. She is so frail now which makes me sad. But god she is FEISTY.

So I think it is my time to stop babbling,

Starting to get hyper now from this amount of sugar,

Lots of love,

Tyler x

The cold never bothered me anyway – said no one EVER


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