I like to think of myself as fashionable… I am sadly mistaken.

Hello lovely people,

Well I am currently sitting in bed… no it is not 6:00 pm… and trying to do an essay. So you know what I decided to do? Put on my finest Primani fluffy PJs.  If some of you are unaware that means Primark. If you still do not know, then just think cheap, shit items of clothing that you will wear with pride (in the space of your own home).

These are the fluffiest, comfiest and most embarrassing things I have. So no judging is allowed.

*judging forcefield*

*can’t hear you over my fluffy happiness*.

So today I had two matches of netball and we lost one and won one. And, by the way, the one where we won was the one I played a shooter… just saying.

I had a chemistry lesson with a man I would gladly slaughter, so my resting bitch face was on point.

Moreover, a boy a year below me has decided to spread a rumour that I made out with him on the weekend at a party. Might I add, it was not like that at all, he launched at my face and my friend had to pry him off me. So no, little boy, I did not make out with you no matter what your dreams may tell you. Okay, a bit harsh, but still how frustrating. And also paedophilia is not my thing. I am also friends with his sister, so awkward.

So as I sit here in bed procrastinating and wondering whether to pop open a bottle of prosecco (it is England, we all drink here, I am allowed) while sitting in bliss in my wonderfully ugly fluffy bottoms.

Call me Bridget Jones, I do not care. Me, my granny knickers, alcohol and fluffy joggers cannot hear you over all the shits I don’t give.

Ooh I am aggressive today. I love it.

May post later, but it all depends on whether netflix misses me too much.


Tyler x


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