Love, Torture and Baudelaire

 Hello you lovely people,
Today I thought I’d discuss a line from a poem by Charles Baudelaire which came up today in my English literature lesson and it seems so controversial and brilliant. 

“‘There is a striking resemblance between the act of love and the ministrations of a torturer'” – Charles Baudelaire

My first response obviously questioned how on earth can love, the beautiful and powerhouse emotion of mankind, be paired with the cruel and painful acts of a torturer? 

But then, with a further dip into the pool of controversy, I found that I agree. Love is slow; it starts as a small passionate touch and then develops into something of which disembodies you and makes you reach the point of inability to control yourself and how you feel. When in love, that is all you can think of, it becomes not just a physical response (like a finger getting chopped off, duh) but develops into a mental connection. 

Moreover, through torture you get information, pleasure or maybe even the ability to inflict an emotion (sadness, fear etc). Through love you learn about someone, get pleasure from sexual and emotional connections and also your mood does indeed change. Your lover can, in fact, inflict negative and positive emotions during your relationship. 

So maybe what Baudelaire is saying, however extravagant or shocking it may firstly appear to be, that love is a powerful force. And, most importantly, can inflict more pain than one could ever imagine. 

So queue my explanation as to why I have a picture of a rainbow on my post about torture… 

Well I took it today while I was contemplating life. Once love became about torture, I really did start to think that things are not what they seem at first; there are always two sides to every story. So love is beautiful and great, but it can also be painful and deteriorating for oneself. This I believed was like the rainbow I photographed today, rain and sun combine to make something colourful and awesome. 

So like rain and sun makes a rainbow, does love and pain create a beautiful emotional connection between lovers? So maybe the bad and the good combine to make something better…

Feel free to comment your ideas below! I’m just brainstorming and babbling… And probably not making sense…

But I would love to hear what you guys think about what Monsieur Baudelaire said, it is too intriguing to pass by. 

Lots of love,

Tyler x


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