The Young Vic’s “Macbeth” – a Review

It has been a while… a very long while … since I posted last. I have been swept up in school work. university applications and also part-time work. I have had no time, and if I did have time I would most likely be asleep or watching Friday Night Lights. I am not ashamed.

Anyway, last night, my English Literature friends and I went to go see the Young Vic’s production of Macbeth. It is safe to say that it was very, very interesting. 

This production, directed by Carrie Cracknell and Lucy Guerin, psychologically engulfs the audience and transports them into a world of mystery, distortion and emotion. The set itself was mind bending and it was perfectly accompanied by the repetitive nature of the dance sequences which sent the audience into a world of hypnosis. The Witches, who were more freaky than horrifying, used these movements to display their control over the characters in Macbeth which, I believe, perfectly represents the supernatural element of the play and also the infinite power that they have.

Lady Macbeth and Macbeth himself displayed a passion that was perfectly poured from the pages of the script and acted out of stage. There was a physicality to this love that mimicked their physicality for power as they went on their murderous spree.

This play for me focused mainly on the insanity that developed through the play  and the music and lighting brought the audience into the story because not only were Macbeth’s thoughts and perspectives distorted but ours were also. This production of Macbeth was extremely entrancing and superbly interesting regardless of whether it missed out certain parts of the play (eg. The Porter, Donaldbain). Some of my friends believed that it was not an accurate representation of Macbeth but it got them talking and they left the theatre with it turning over in their minds. To be honest, I think that is what truly counts.

It is on for another three days in London’s Young Vic theatre and I highly recommend you watch it; you won’t see anything else like it.

The trailer:



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